Language Generation Center – LGC …

… was founded for the purpose of teaching different languages like German, English or Arabic for non native speakers for kids, youth and adults.

All instructors are qualified and the senior instructors have a long experience in the methods of teaching. The courses are filled with rich information involving around every aspect of language and therefore students can savor the competence of the teachers, who are highly motivated to mediate the language they are teaching.

With its expanded relations, the center offers the ability to interact with multinational cultures around the world. All students with different language levels are welcome to join, whereby the center also meets the demands of foreigners wishing to learn Arabic, to approach the remarkable language in Jordan.

LGC also welcomes  medical doctors and nurses to learn the German language for (sub-)specialization in Germany. We are certified instructors and examiners for telc German exam for medical doctors and nurses.


Jamil Asali   |  Renata Asali   |   May Asali Shihabi

Dana Jdo’a |Alaa Momani |Selma Asali | Farah Abu Jamous

LGC is since 2015 also an official German language examination center of ÖSD for all German language exams needed to study, work or family re-union in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. LGC is member of FaDaF (professional association for German as a Foreign Language) and follows it’s quality criteria.

Last but not least … Since 2014 LGC is listed at the German Embassy in Jordan to translate all the papers needed at the Embassy. (German, Arabic, English and vice versa for documents, CVs, personal papers and much more)