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Arabic Class Room

Arabic Class Room

• LGC offers two types of Arabic language programs: the group and the solo program. Regarding our group programs we have developed modern teaching methods based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), from beginners to advanced levels, children’s classes and conversation clubs; covering all main language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Moreover, conveying new vocabularies of authentic situations in daily life.

• The solo programs reside in elaborating student’s difficulties in several areas according to its subject. translations . dedicated server LGC instructors have a strong ability to help the student to achieve his/her goals.

• The classes are held from Sunday till Thursday, with almost monthly starting dates; besides particular modules, assigned texts with unsurpassed manners of learning.

• LGC meets the demands of foreign students, who come or are in Jordan, to learn the endemic language spoken in the society of Jordan.

• The center offers a shining illustration for those, who have obtained the language in their home country, in a unique way.

• LGC seeks forward to develop foreign students in their Ammiah too.

• Furthermore, all instructors demonstrate tolerance, patience and have the capacity in interpreting the Arabic language as a manageable discourse.

Our summer courses (4x/week each 3 h (acad. hours), totally 48):
Registration till 02.06.2013, Duration: 09.06.-04.07.2013
Registration till 30.06.2013, Duration: 07.07.-01.08.2013
Registration till 28.07.2013, Duration: 04.08.-05.09.2013
(Eid-Feast!) Registration till 01.09.2013, Duration: 08.09.-03.10.2013
Fees: 190 JD per course (plus flight, transfer, accommodation, extracurricular activities)


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