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To register, please follow all instructions carefully … If you have questions; please send an email to the e-mail:

1. Please ensure that the registration form is completely filled out. For information about the start dates of the different courses, please refer to our accounts on Social Media Platforms and our Website:, where you can also see the prices and the courses schedules.

2. A seat in a course can be reserved with a down payment of (50 JOD), provided that the full fees must be paid on the first day before the course starts. It is also possible to accept late applications after the course starts, as of maximum after two sessions, depending on the number of students participating in the course and the dates of its holding. Please note that the down payment is only intended to reserve the seat for the first day of the session, and in case the applicant did not attend on the first day of the session, registration will be canceled immediately and, and in this case, the payment is not refunded.

3 – Procedures for canceling subscription and refunding fees:

A – It is possible to withdraw from the course at least 48 hours before the start of the course, in this case administration fees of (15 JOD) will be deducted, after that (less than 48 h before the start of the course) the fees or down payments paid, cannot be refunded. In case the applicant has an urgent matter/emergency case, the amount paid will be credited to the following course. All regulations are valid for private courses as well. Valid for individual courses is also 24h cancellation policy. The cancelled day has to be replaced within a week. No refund for the course (days) will be issued.

B – If the number of students in a course does not reach the minimum (8 students), the course may get canceled and then the fees paid will be refunded. The course may also remain open if there was an agreement reached between the center and the registered students regarding modifying the course fees and/or course days.

4 – Language Generation Center does not provide trial classes.

5- After students register for a course, only the center determines who will teach the Course. Changes can be made (while the session is running). Teaching in the form of a team is also possible. (The name of the teacher cannot be known before the start of the course).

6 – The center has the right to convert the courses held inside the center to online courses, in emergency and necessary cases.

7 – In case that a course is repeated, the student pays half of the regular course’s full fees.

8- In case that a student misbehaves or/and disobeys the rules and regulations, Language Generation Center reserves the right to remove the student from the course/exam/activity, etc. without returning any of the fees paid. The decision of the Management is final.

9 – The student who wants to enroll in German language courses and has prior knowledge of the language must provide a proof of knowledge of the language up to the previous level through one of the official certificates (ÖSD, Goethe or Telc) or by passing the Placement test for our center (fees 10-15 JOD).

10- The number of students in the course ranges between 8-14 students.

11- Kindly be aware that as part of our tradition, we enjoy capturing a memorable moment with our students during and after each course and event. This involves taking a photo of you and your teacher as a lasting memento of our time together. Your comfort is of utmost importance to us, so if you have any concerns about having your photo taken, please do not hesitate to communicate them with us.

NOTE: No claims (payment receipts, exam fees, course fees under certain conditions, online material from the e-learning platform, etc.) are accepted after the calendar year is finished. Date of booking (course, exam, etc.) is crucial. With the submitting of your registration you completely agree with all terms and conditions of LGC regarding courses, exams and translations.

The Rules and Regulations of LGC in Arabic language you can open here.

Last update: January 2024 (Valid is always the last version in English).